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About The Zanipro Group

Dominique Gagnon

Art Director / Image Consultant

Dominique's vast experience in stage/studio designs offers you the resources to create balance between form and function when building your broadcast ministry and worship design. She brings to our company worldwide experience in broadcast design and corporate branding. Dominique will help you strategize your approach to save cost and time while remaining faithful to your vision.

Jeffrey Barr

Lighting Director / Director of Photography

Jeff's thorough knowledge of lighting discipline brings him numerous awards and constant recognition among his peers. He has been actively involved in all aspects of specific lighting direction to enhance and maintain television, live video and church facility productions. Jeff's interest in developing new and creative approaches to multi- camera production and facility design allows Zanipro to provide you with the state of the art technology in lighting design.

Noel Miranda

Producer / Director

Noel's passion is to see Christian ministries attain the same level of production excellence as the secular sector. He comes to Zanipro with a broad base background in the industry with the ability to create innovative detail-focused production systems from pre & post production. His expertize focuses on Christian ministry broadcast & video production, church and production facilities. Noel provides creative, technical and organizational skills, assessment, selection, evaluation and development of studio production, equipment and crew.

Han Timmerman

Audio / Video Consultant

Han's extensive technical background and expertise in the professional audio and video industry is widely respected internationally. His experience in product development for film, broadcast and video along with a recent expansion into digital signage brings practical solutions to the demanding requirements of the system integration process. Han’s fresh approach on audio and video applications is based on an eye for detail, an ear for acoustic excellence, and an out of the box thinking that makes him the ideal technical authority within Zanipro.